TOPAKUSTIK in Indoor Pools

Acoustics in Indoor Pools Architecture is not just a visual experience but a multi-sensorial experience. Sound is an essential part of the multi-sensorial experience of a space, but it is often neglected. An example of a space with often neglected acoustics is the indoor pool. Indoor pools typically have poor acoustics: the space has a…


Lee Song Lin

Pursuing M.Arch at Singapore University of Technology and Design.



Soundproofing construction: How much does it actually cost? (Part 2)

After analysing the estimated cost of how much soundproofing construction, we now take you on a deeper insight with the intricate construction of the different facets of why soundproofing. We break down the various compositions that goes behind the scenes in soundproofing. Soundproofing construction consist of managing the walls, ceilings and flooring. These represent the…


Johann Tan

Sonic Sailor

An Acoustic Guitarist obsessed with Music & Sound, enjoys being in the studios learning and exploring the intricacies of Acoustics.



A Sound Engineer’s Priorities In Post-Production Room

Sound engineers have to deal with room acoustics if they want an objective listening in their post production work. Are you a sound engineer working at home or in the studio? Whatever the case, even if you have the rarest, most expensive outboard studio equipment, all these will be useless – if nothing is done to prioritize…

Jordan Chia

Jordan Chia

Musician and Founder of Pixel Apartment

A multi-instrumentalist, producer and audio engineer, involved in many recording projects and performances in recent years, also a regular performing musician, playing keyboards, electric bass and singing in Pixel Apartment and MUON in many festivals.