Anshuman Roy: Diverse influences drive this young architect

Anshuman Roy’s eclectic take on traditional spatial design On any given day, you might find architect Anshuman Roy immersed in a heady concoction of earworms that transcend genres and timelines. Everything from early jazz, to blues rock, classical music and then some. Next, a look at his playlist will reveal musicians like Canned Heat, Pink…


Jenna Spinelle

Acoustic Storyteller

Writer and music lover from the United States. Excited to tell the world about the power of acoustics!



Acoustic Consultants: From Architecture to Acoustics

Coming from a land Downunder, Alex Tu finally completes the Soundzipper jigsaw puzzle. His experience in architecture now soars in the world of acoustics.  As one of the leading acoustic consultants, what is your philosophy? Acoustic consultants have different purposes! Each to make a space sound better. My calling is to design and realise spaces…

Daryl Stewart

Daryl Stewart

Digital Marketing Strategist

Music lover, movie lover and loves the mystery of life! Believes in true happiness and living one day at a time! Loves to drink tea and of course juice!



Sound in Architecture: Architecture Design Tips

Sound in architecture is often misrepresented or misguided as architects place emphasis on the visual aspect of a building. While we cannot deny the marvel and beauty of such structures and are often mesmerised by the facades. We tend to forget how sound and other elements are affected by the structures. How can we add value…

Mazlina Mazlan

Mazlina Mazlan

Architect of Fate

Loving life to the fullest. Taking architecture to the next level where lives matter and the better of humankind! Dictator of thoughts, beliefs and happiness!