DIY Recording Studio Basics for Anyone

A DIY Recording Studio is usually easy for those who have experience but what about those whose hearts are burn with passion for music and wanted to become a Youtube star? Many questions come up and some of us aren’t aware of what to do?  Fear not! This insight offers some suggestions or factors to how…

Jaron Chan

Jaron Chan

Acoustic Intern

A big fan of Musical and Theater productions. Love how a story, can be told through music. Touching each and everyone of us.



Audio Engineering at its best: 8 Great Mixing Tips!

Music and audio engineering as an art form. Today, anyone with a laptop and a few recording microphones has all the tools they need to record, produce, and mix music and create their own recording haven. The home recording studio revolution is here. But with the ever increasing (and often overwhelming) choices of EQs, compressors and…

Jordan Chia

Jordan Chia

Musician and Founder of Pixel Apartment

A multi-instrumentalist, producer and audio engineer, involved in many recording projects and performances in recent years, also a regular performing musician, playing keyboards, electric bass and singing in Pixel Apartment and MUON in many festivals.