Soundproofing construction: How much does it actually cost? (Part 2)

After analysing the estimated cost of how much soundproofing construction, we now take you on a deeper insight with the intricate construction of the different facets of why soundproofing. We break down the various compositions that goes behind the scenes in soundproofing. Soundproofing construction consist of managing the walls, ceilings and flooring. These represent the…


Johann Tan

Sonic Sailor

An Acoustic Guitarist obsessed with Music & Sound, enjoys being in the studios learning and exploring the intricacies of Acoustics.



Practical guide to improving your kid’s bedroom

Kid’s bedroom and living conditions in Singapore has become a prime concern.  A noisy city with residential apartments being near traffic noise. Little do they know that this noise raised huge complaints to the authorities. Look no further, this blog post explains the importance of the ideal kid’s bedroom. The evidence is finally uncovered and…

Daryl Stewart

Daryl Stewart

Digital Marketing Strategist

Music lover, movie lover and loves the mystery of life! Believes in true happiness and living one day at a time! Loves to drink tea and of course juice!



Acoustic Tips: How To Treat Echoes?

If you are a musician or an audiophiles echoes can be a very crucial issue. In this video we will give you some acoustic tips on how to treat echoes based on the environment you are in. It’s the latest buzz in town! There is a new jamming studio with a beautiful classy look with…

Adrian Lo

Adrian Lo

Acoustic Engineer & Founder of Soundzipper

My passions are learning, music and videogames. I believe life should be lived with purpose and together as One. I am always tinkering with something in technology and making things better.



The Most Common Residential Noise Problems In Singapore?

Our home is our little nest and surely is where we can have some peace from the tumult of life. But what happens when our peace is threatened because of residential noise problems?   Home sweet home. We heard this thousands of times. Nevertheless we tend to underestimate a little problem that in the busy…

Giacomo Angio

Giacomo Angio

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