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Acoustics Consultant Pirate – Architectural & Building - Soundzipper

Acoustics Consultant Pirate – Architectural & Building

Do you notice the wind in the sails, the creak of a ship’s timbers, and the continuous roar of the waves? Does the echo of a cannon off towering cliffs and the roll of distant thunder make you wonder how that sound can be replicated or improved? Do ye yearn to discover treasure islands where buildings and rooms are built for optimum sound satisfaction? The Soundzipper is looking for architectural acoustics consultants who seek better acoustical horizons.

You Will
  • Avail yerself of AFMG soundflow, EASE, Odeon Design, and other tools to create great sounding ships, wharfs, dockyards, etc.
  • Parley with aaarchitects, contractors, engineers, and owners to design unique solutions for acoustical problems that won’t require plundering ye olde treasure chest
  • Stick in yer two cents when the captain asks ye about quotations/proposals for tenders/projects
  • Heave-ho with a will when assessing or testing for environmental noise
  • Be First Mate on Acoustical Project Management
  • Draw up layouts for acoustical specifications
  • Avail yerself of CAD programs to sketch designs for acoustical specifications
  • Invade various and sundry ports o’call (fancy folk call it “acoustical outreach activities”) to speak to landlubbers about sound
  • Scribe the online captain’s log (a.k.a. blog) to toot yer own horn about sound
  • Improve our acoustical consulting technology
  • A Letter of Marque in Architectural Acoustics
  • At least 3 years sailing aboard an acoustical consulting vessel
  • Demonstrate know-how of small/large vessel acoustics
  • Have solved vibration and noise isolation problems
  • A yearning to map uncharted waters with new acoustical designs
  • Acoustical simulation programs – been there, done that
  • Tech savvy, able to quickly hoist the main sail of various tech tools
  • Speak and write the Queen’s English in a manner which won’t disgrace the crew
  • Not too proud to work in various crew positions – we be a new ship and need innovative pirates who can swab the deck, navigate without a compass, and serve as lookout in the crow’s nest as needed
  • Pirate Most Wanted:
    • Large scale projects and government tenders background
    • Sales experience
    • Mandarin-speaking
    • Driving License
    • Environmental Acoustics ability
    • Chartered Engineer status
    • Sound System Design skill

Interested in joining our pirate crew? Email your resume and expected salary to [email protected] with the subject header: Application for Acoustics Consultant – Architectural & Building


Yo-ho & anchors away!

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