Administrative Coordinator

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Administrative Coordinator Position for Hire at Soundzipper

Administrative Coordinator

Do you have an eye for organization and enjoy keeping things in good order? Or have multiple strengths and skill-sets, and interested to try a variety of tasks to see which role fits best? Soundzipper is looking for a cheerful and good-natured coordinator to assist with administration and facilities management!

You will
  • Be the face of Soundzipper – answer calls, greet prospective clients
  • Handle administrative tasks – draft letters and official correspondence, handle basic accounts and data entry
  • Liaise and coordinate with various parties – schedule meetings, etc
  • Assist to get quotations and costings
  • Perform basic book keeping
  • Keep files updated and e-data in good order
  • Keep office facilities tidy and in good order, arrange for maintenance and servicing of equipment
  • Handle aspects of Human Resource management as needed
  • Learn about sound and acoustics and how these affect us in our everyday lives, in a wide range of spaces and environments
  • Understand how acoustic and noise problems can be mitigated or avoided, contributing to making life sound better
  • Good coordination skills, organized & effective – as you may be handling multiple tasks at the same time
  • An eye for detail – as this makes the difference in the quality we want to deliver
  • An open mind – interested to learn about sound and acoustics, and to learn new things
  • Tech-savvy – proficient in using Word, Excel, and quick to learn new software
  • Effective communication skills – good command of spoken and written English
  • Adaptable multi-tasker – capable of working in a flexible start-up environment and think out of the box; to juggle different hats, switch between roles
  • Singaporeans / Permanent Residents only
  • Bonus: Experience with administrative work / accounts / facilities management. Alternatively, cheerful enthusiasm, a keen desire and ability to learn quickly.

Fresh graduates are welcome to apply. Interested candidates are invited to email your resume and expected salary to with the subject header: Application for Administrative Coordinator


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