Acoustics for places of worship

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Looking for acoustic and soundproofing options for your Worship space?

Places of worship require an environment of peace and tranquility for prayer. It is a place for respect, fellowship, growth, commitment and evangelisation.

Let us create an enviroment for everyone to worship

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We measure the areas of noise problems for you and
find out all persisting problems using ISO tests.

reverberation time test

We want to measure how much a sound takes to die off from a noise source. This ensures that when the priest, minister or pastor is speaking, it will not sound like a stadium.

STC tests

We will need to know how much sound is reflected from your building partitions and objects.

other tests

Other noise tests will be conducted to find out the problems if deemed necessary.

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consultation and Treatment

Before embarking on your journey, we will help you
identify materials that can be used within parts of the

design simulation

Using software, we combine our expertise and work on a solution for you.

material specification

We give you a selection of materials appropriate for you needs.

design implementation

Together with your interior design and architectural team, we will assist in the project management and installation.

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Once done, our team will conduct ISO standard tests to
confirm the efficiency of the desing.


Once your space has been completed, our consultants will conduct the final set of tests and compare it with your initial test to provide you with the relevant reports.

Our Working Standards

  • ISO 9613-1:1993


    Acoustics — Attenuation of sound during propagation outdoors — Part 1: Calculation of the absorption of sound by the atmosphere

  • ISO 3382-1:2009


    Acoustics -- Measurement of room acoustic parameters -- Part 1: Performance spaces

  • ISO 3382-2:2008


    Acoustics -- Measurement of room acoustic parameters -- Part 2: Reverberation time in ordinary rooms

  • ISO 3382-3: 2012


    Acoustics-- Measurement of room acoustic parameters -- Part 3: Open-Plan Offices

  • IEC 60268-16:2011


    Sound system equipment - Part 16: Objective rating of speech intelligibility by speech transmission index

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