Andy Zhu

Andy Zhu

Project Manager

University of Central Lancashire

I majored in Landscape Architecture and graduated with Hon (BA) in Spatial Design. I had 2 years of working experience in a landscape design studio, after that, I spent 1.5 years traveling Southeast Asia as a backpacker alone and became a Scuba Diving Instructor. I love nature and admire the free lifestyle, the culture of Soundzipper makes me feel comfortable. Hence, I joined them as a Project Manager after I met Adrian at the end of 2020.

Role & Impact

As a Project Manager, my core role is to make things happen and deliver every project successfully. The project types mainly include design & build, materials supply, and acoustic testing.

When a project comes in, I need to understand the work scope, plan and create the schedule, study the cost, monitor the process to control the risk and ensure the quality, and maintain smooth communication with the stakeholders, subcontractors, and suppliers all the time. Project management is an art of integration.