Samuel Sea

Waley Lim

Business Development Manager

University of Kentucky

I graduated in 2006 with a MSCE in Structural Engineering. After working for about 3 years as an engineer in the US, I came back in 2009, and I’ve been in the building materials/construction industry ever since. I met Adrian in April 2020 through a LinkedIn posting for the position of Business Development Manager.

Role & Impact

Promoting Soundzipper’s technical and design capabilities in the acoustic arena. At the same time creating a strong market presence for SZ in Singapore. Our goal is to make sure every designer and architect knows SZ and has confidence in SZ to execute and deliver a successful project every time.

Responsibilities include seeking out potential clients (architects, developers, acoustic contractors) and presenting Soundzipper’s acoustic products to inspire and gain the confidence of our partners. I assess clients’ acoustic needs, follow by consultation and specification of SZ materials into tender documents and/or contracts. Every project is unique, so good communication and interpersonal skills along with a good technical understanding are crucial in order to win over potential clients.