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We're not just into acoustics; we're also in the people industry. Our staff includes a diverse blend of highly trained experts and new-generation fresh graduates who are willing to break the rules in design. The Soundzipper echosystem's efficiency is aided by team collaboration, development, training, and perseverance.


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Managment style


Managment style

Soundzipper uses a unique self-management system we call Holocracy. It lets employees make their own choices to help the company grow and change for the better. We feel this creates a more stable and healthy work environment and helps the employees to grow based on their own decisions.

4 guiding principles
Soundzipper focuses on four key principles and an atmosphere without any restrictions.
Because trust is important in any relationship, we aim to foster complete confidence among every Echo1 partner
We believe our team can achieve the right balance of personal development and job satisfaction by ensuring we have a fun and challenging time in the workplace.
Being given the freedom to carve one's own path while being mindful of one's colleagues is essential.
We continuously develop to express our purpose, self-organized and informed by fractal theory. Work at Soundzipper is self-similar, dynamic, and multi-layered, with fascinating elements emerging at all company levels. Every individual is autonomous and has the freedom to operate throughout the company.

Bridging your path with our grows plans

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Everyone is placed in a seeding program and introduced to the Soundzipper way of learning. Through learning by doing, our business encourages failure to allow our service to become significantly better over time. Most of our full-time workers begin as interns or junior associate roles before progressing with their abilities and advancing through our ranks.


Since we are a firm of development and potential, one of our methods for developing our interns is through constant collaboration and communication. Therefore, openness among our team is paramount to our success.


You will continue to discover and learn more about yourself as you go along, and your mentor will assist you with any projects and collaborations you have. As a project manager, you will be carefully guided throughout the process.

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Success Stories

Daryl, Social Media Strategist

Daryl worked in the service industry for an extended period and always liked the idea of challenging himself. So in 2015, Daryl began working as an intern for Soundzipper to learn the basics of social media marketing by running campaigns, producing content, and looking for new approaches to apply his marketing skills. After his 2016 confirmation, he managed four interns himself, passing knowledge onto them while establishing the company’s new direction. Currently, he is looking forward to expanding his operations across the region in the future.

Daryl, Social Media Strategist
Johnny, Acoustic Consultant

Johnny was looking for a new career after failing several auditions because he needed to use his enthusiasm for music to his advantage. So, starting in 2016 as an intern, Johnny went from being an electrical engineer and an audio engineer to studying acoustics through the guidance of Soundzipper's MD, Adrian, whose main goal was to follow a learn-as-you-go method.

This business not only moves forward because of its employees' efforts; it is also due to the constant contributions made by these individuals. After completing his training in late 2016, Johnny has served as an instructor for new interns ever since. Johnny coaches these new interns through various seminar programs, lessons, and reviewing real-life scenarios.

Johnny, Acoustic Consultant