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Our team consists of a mix of highly trained professionals as well as a new breed of fresh graduates who dare to defy the odds in design. We are not just doing acoustics but rather are in the people business. Development, training and perseverance through combined efforts across teams help the soundzipper echosystem function to its fullest potential.


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Managment style


Managment style

Here at Soundzipper, we adopt an ecosystem called Holocracy: a self-management system practice for running purpose-driven, responsive companies. We believe in creating a culture of allowing our people to make responsible decisions that could help the company grow and progress. We believe that we can create change through the talents of our own people

4 guiding principles
Soundizpper focuses on 4 guiding principles and an organisation without any rules
The foundation of any relationship, trust is all the more crucial in an organisation of equals, so we seek to foster absolute trust among every Echo1 partner.
We think working should be a pleasurable and important part of our lives, so we strive to make it fun and challenging at all times.
Everyone is given the right to carve their own path within the company, and everyone has the duty to respect everyone else's freedom.
Self-organized and informed by fractal theory, we continuously evolve to express our purpose. Similar to nature, work at Soundzipper is self-continuous, fluid and multi-layered with interesting details emerging at all scales. Every individual is autonomus and emprowered to operate across the organisation

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1-3 month 6-9 month 9-12 month


Once you come on board, you will be placed in a seeding program, and planted into the Soundzipper way of learning. This organisation encourages failure only to make our service much better. Most of our full-time employees begin as interns or junior associate roles who then go on to help the organisation grow along with their skill set.


Since we are a company of growth and opportunities, collaboration and communication is one of our methods of nurturing our interns either through a supervisor or from the MD himself.


You will learn about yourself more as you progress, and handle projects and collaborations with supervision from your mentor. You will be guided thoroughly as a project manager.

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Daryl, Social Media Strategist

Soundzipper in 2015 to learn the ropes of basic social media marketing as an intern. Running campaigns, developing content and searching for new methods to put his marketing knowledge into good use. Daryl has been working in the service line for a long time and always liked the idea of creating, innovation and challenging himself. Upon confirmation in early 2016, Daryl has managed over 4 interns passing the knowledge to them while setting the direction for the company. Looking forward, he has plans to move forward into the regional area.

Daryl, Social Media Strategist
Johnny, Pitch Bender

Looking for a career change, Johnny decided to use his passion for music to be put to good use. Starting out as an intern in 2016, Johnny came from the electrical engineering and audio engineering to start learning acoustics through the mentorship of Adrian the MD for Soundzipper whose main aim was to adopt a learn as you go process. Through a series of programs, lessons and real-life experiences; upon confirmation in late 2016, Johnny now provides his knowledge to new interns who are new to the company. It is not only the work that makes this company move but really the people who help to assist in this project.

Johnny, Pitch Bender