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Administrative Coordinator - Soundzipper

Administrative Coordinator

Do ye keep a weather eye open for organizing? Can ye perform a variety of jobs to keep a vessel in shipshape and Bristol-fashion? Then hoist your sails! Soundzipper is looking for a Jolly Roger Administrative Coordinator to provide succour aboard the pirate ship Soundzipper for smooth sailing above and below decks!

By Command of the Captain, Ye will be Soundzipper’s . . .
  • Figurehead – greet “Ahoy there, mateys!” on the phone and to potential passengers who come aboard
  • Clerk – draft letters and official correspondence; handle basic log books and data entry
  • Liaison – coordinate meetings
  • Quartermaster – assist in getting quotations and costings
  • Bookkeeper – perform basic bookkeeping
  • Purser – keep files and e-data updated
  • Steward – keep office tidy and orderly; arrange for equipment maintenance and servicing
  • Bosun – pipe commands (a.k.a. Human Resource management) as needed
  • Pirate Scholar – learn how sound and acoustics affect people everyday on land and sea in various and sundry places
  • Depth Sounder – understand the basics of buffering sound so that life on land and sea is better
  • Able to juggle several tasks at once and be good at it – the crew depends on ye
  • A weather eye for detail – because we don’t want to look landlubberly
  • Horizon-minded – about sound, acoustics, and other sailing tasks. Ye want to learn more!
  • Rigging-savvy – proficient in Word and Excel; quick to learn new software
  • Talk like a pirate – ye know what to say and how to say it/write it in the Queen’s English and American English
  • Able-bodied seaman – can perform all routine duties and then some; can navigate without a compass because ye know newer/better ways to sail
  • Singaporeans / Permanent sailors only
  • It be a plus if ye have experience with admin duties / accounts / facilities management, not to mention if ye be jolly and eager to learn.

New recruits from college are welcome to apply. Interested candidates should email yer resume and expected salary to [email protected] with the subject header: Application for Administrative Coordinator.


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