Architectural Acoustics Internship

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Architectural Acoustics Internship - Soundzipper

Architectural Acoustics Internship

Have ye a background in Sound Engineering? Architecture? Interior Design? Have ye a yearning to explore the Sea of Sound & Bay of Acoustics and learn how they affect your area of expertise? The pirate ship Soundzipper seeks to conscript an intern / assistant for our on-board Principal Acoustics Captain. Yer task? To pillage and plunder the treasures of acoustics.


Just think of the advantages of knowing how to build or design with better acoustics and buffered sounds! It would set yer own ship apart from other privateers. Ye’d be better a sound engineer if ye knew how space influences recording and music production, yo-ho, yo-ho!


Ready to join our crew? This 3-6 month voyage into uncharted waters will give ye first-hand experience working with acoustics and sound in a variety of spaces.

You Will
  • See how sound-essential vessels (recording studios, private cinemas, music schools) are built
  • Operate the ship’s equipment in acoustical surveys
  • Draw treasure maps and diagrams for building acoustically sound structures
  • Learn to eliminate noise and sound problems – except for cannons. They be too loud.
  • Create acoustic reports with guidance from the captain
  • Run acoustics software and perform acoustical simulations – prepare for battle!
  • Work on an acoustics project from start to finish
  • Learn to think acoustically
Be Ye the Following?
  • Final year student / recent graduate with a major in audio recording, sound engineering, architecture, or interior design
  • Speak and write well in English (British or American) – no salty pirate talk
  • Work with minimal supervision
  • Architectural drafting proficiency a plus
  • Know how sound works in spaces and want to learn more
  • Singaporeans / Permanent Residents only
  • Can sail to project sites – voyage allowance allotted
  • Can commit for 3 to 6 months

Email your resume to the captain at [email protected] with the subject header: Architectural Acoustics Internship.

Only shortlisted candidates will be press-ganged.

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