Novotel Singapore on Stevens

Soundzipper Acoustic Consultants : Adrian Lo | Johnny Lee | Alex Tu

Looking for a high class hotel with the ability to have valuable privacy in addition to prestige to its name? Look no further than the new Novotel@Stevens, with rooms that offer comfort for tourists and staycation lovers alike.

Just a 10 minute drive from Orchard, Novotel provides a variety of services for businesses and the corporate world. Fancy having a wedding at one of the Novotel ballrooms? Done! This place provides a respite from the hustle and bustle of the always-on mentality of city life.


The Brief

A high class hotel offers optimum privacy to its residents. On the outskirts of Orchard, Soundzipper was tasked to test the doors, walls and operable walls of the newly built hotel. These tests affirmed the sound privacy performance of the various Novotel Spaces.

We were asked to perform ASTM E-336 Field STC Tests on the following:
a) Guest Room Walls and Doors
b) Ballroom and Meeting Room Operable Walls

Soundzipper was engaged in September 2017 to ensure that the partitions were acoustically sound. We were quick to pinpoint where the weak points are in the system and to propose rectification to those areas.

novotel rooms

The Result

Our test results showed that the Guest Room Walls and Doors were operating well above par, having STC ratings exceeding the original specifications.

The ballroom and meeting room operable walls were a totally different story. Several small construction details marred their acoustic performance making them fall short of the intended acoustic design criteria. For the ballrooms, critical design flaws were found in the sealing system leading to major sound leaks around the edges. For the meeting rooms, flanking paths were discovered through the HVAC system that compromised their performance. All the design problems were addressed in our reports to our client and solutions were proposed to ensure proper compliance.


If you are looking to test the acoustic performance of your walls, partitions or floors, do not hesitate to contact us and one of our consultants will attend to your request.

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