CoWorks India

Soundzipper Acoustic Consultants:  Adrian Lo | Liji Mohan


The Challenge

CoWrks is a provider and builder of premium co-working spaces in India. Soundzipper was commissioned to perform acoustic analysis and provide recommendations for multiple CoWrks centres that were established across India. The client wanted to ensure a non-polluted noise environment for their members due to their concerns about noise and privacy issues.


The Analysis

We selected 5 centres to conduct our visits in the cities of Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi. Coordinating with the centre managers, we performed acoustic visual inspections of the various spaces. The problems we identified were echo-filled spaces, noisy air conditioning systems that were affecting the meeting rooms, poor acoustic glass partitions and poor space planning for acoustic privacy.

The Design

For the existing centres, we recommended basic acoustic insulation – adding bottom door seals and acoustic laminated glass panels. The use of higher acoustic rated walls and vibration isolators will reduce the noise coming from the AHU room, and the installation of acoustic blinds will reduce the echoes.

For the new centres, we recommended integrating acoustics as part of their basic centre design guidelines, together with conducting standardised acoustic tests every time they launched a centre.

Photo Credits: CoWrks Mumbai

The client was delighted with our analysis and was keen to engage us for future standardisation of their design guidelines and centre compliance testing.

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