Sky One TV studios is a 5000 square feet tv facility in Antananarivo, Madagascar. The scope of consultation covered the full acoustic design of the whole facility, including a professional radio broadcast room, news rooms, and editing suites. We were engaged by Willy and his team to create a reference TV broadcast & production experience.

Planning for Soundproofing of Walls of the TV studio

Planning the soundproofing of the TV studio

Our task principally involved the full isolation and acoustic design of the studio. The main design criteria given were:
– Sound quality should be optimal for broadcast use
– Noise must be minimized without a floating construction, which was too expensive, by planning spaces/materials to diminish flanking and impact noise transmission
– Materials should be sourced locally in Madagascar, as much as possible.

Acoustic Plan Section of Sky One TV Studios Madagascar

Acoustic Plan Section of Sky One TV Studios

The acoustic design incorporated broadband absorption and diffusion down to low frequencies for all critical recording facilities. The acoustic panels were supplied by Vicoustic and Aural-aid.

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