Photo: Dyson Road Studio

Soundzipper Acoustic Consultants :  Adrian Lo | Julian Martinez | Johnny Lee | Kathryn Cheng
Soundzipper Project Manager : Julian Martinez
Location : Singapore


The Challenge

Our acoustic consultants were engaged by the client, a producer of electronic music, to perform acoustic testing, design and construction for a music studio at Aljunied Road. The existing basement studio had been designed 5 years prior. The client envisioned a higher quality studio that could conduct commercial operations. There were constraints with the ceiling height and limited space to work with.


The Design

Soundzipper deployed a room-in-a-room design with micro-cellular foam vibration isolators, double STC44 lead sheet doors and a vibration isolated non-bridging acoustic studio window. A flush mounted studio monitor setup achieved the focus of elevating acoustic neutrality. Aluminium cell ceiling with hidden steel bass traps was designed to maintain reasonable room dimensions and ceiling heights.

We created an acoustically isolated sliding drawer for the main studio monitors at the front wall to allow the speakers to be easily removed for maintenance.

The Result

The RT (Reverberation Time) of the control room was measured to be 0.23 seconds at the mid frequencies, a good indicator of outstanding neutrality. The refurbished music room has superb isolation with minimal noise leakage, and the vocal booth had optimal recording conditions.

The client was so pleased with the music room that he engaged us for a different project with his church.

Bonus: Have a 3D VR experience of this space brought you by our brand new Matterport camera!

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