Edvox Music School

Soundzipper Acoustic Consultant: Candice Yung

Soundzipper Project Manager: Andy Zhu

The Challenge

Soundzipper was engaged to design and build a music and dance school at Paragon, a shopping mall in Orchard. The space was planned for 8 piano rooms, 2 string rooms, a drum room, a dance studio and an office room. The objective of our design was to provide sound isolation and acoustic treatment for these rooms to suit the specific musical instruments.

The Analysis

Sound isolation helps to minimise sound transmission and keep background noise levels low in rooms, which is required for uninterrupted teaching and clarity of instrument playing . Should the background noise be too high, the students may be distracted and annoyed. 

Sound and vibration isolation are especially important for the drum room, because drums are generally loud and the vibrations can transmit through building elements. Hence a higher grade of isolation and a room-in-room design is required for the drum room. The dance studio also requires impact noise isolation as the students will generate impact noise during dancing.

The Design

The sound isolation rating for the wall partitions were specified to be STC45 and higher. The partition construction included the use of vibration isolation brackets and TECSOUND acoustic damping layer. The partitions were built- full height from the structural floor slab to the ceiling slab to minimise sound transmission.

Acoustic suspended ceilings were also installed for sound isolation to the tenant above and for reducing vibration transmission through the structural ceiling.

Floating floors were featured in the drum room and the dance studio, which reduces sound and vibration transmission through the floors. The construction consisted of using REGUFOAM 190+ isolation strips as the main material for transmission reduction.

Acoustic doors with seals were provided to all music rooms. Drum room has a higher rated metal door at STC55 due to the loud noise level from drums.

Additionally, all music rooms had Vogl perforated gypsum boards plastered on the walls to control the Reverberation Time. 

Bonus: Have a 3D VR experience of this space brought you by our brand new Matterport camera!

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