Dekozell – EIPIC

Soundzipper Acoustic Consultant: Candice Yung

Soundzipper Project Manager: Andy Zhu

The Challenge

The EIPIC Fernvale project emerged as a response to a unique educational requirement. We were entrusted by HD Contractor Pte Ltd to address the acoustic challenges faced within the tele-intervention room, specifically designed for students with special hearing or communication needs. The primary challenge lay in crafting an acoustic environment that would facilitate clear sound transmission and ensure the comfort of these students in their specialized learning space.

The Analysis

Our analysis delved deeply into stringent acoustic standards, ensuring our design addressed each crucial facet. These standards encompassed meticulous
consideration of the following key metrics:

Reverberation Time (RT60): RT60 measures the reflection and absorption of sound. In both the classroom and tele-intervention room, it was imperative that we met the RT60 requirements specified in the BB93:2015 standard. This ensures that sound remains free from confusion or echo, facilitating an optimal learning environment.

Sound Transmission Index (STI): STI serves as an objective gauge of speech transmission quality. To enhance STI, we needed to exert control over RT60 and background noise levels, ensuring students could clearly comprehend the conveyed information.

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC): NRC came into play to address multifaceted acoustic challenges. By incorporating materials with superior NRC values, we mitigated issues stemming from sound transmission, footfall noise, and adjacent voices. This not only bolstered our reverberation management but also significantly improved speech intelligibility.

The Design

To meet these acoustic prerequisites, we embarked on an innovative design endeavour, deploying pioneering acoustic materials, including Dekozell and polyester panels. The Dekozell Eco ceiling system not only delivered exceptional sound absorption but also enhanced the visual aesthetics of the space with its seamless and sleek finishing. This amalgamation of acoustic excellence and visually engaging colourful panels significantly improved the acoustic environment while providing a vibrant and pleasing visual experience. Our design approach harmoniously blended acoustics and aesthetics, resulting in a gratifying learning environment geared toward enhancing the students’
educational journey.

Bonus: Have a 3D VR experience of this space brought you by our brand new Matterport camera!

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