Photo Credits: EQT Headquarters | Studio Stockholm | Archello

Soundzipper Acoustic Consultant: Candice Yung

Interior Designer: ELL+Associates

The Challenge

Soundzipper was engaged to provide acoustic consultation for the renovation of EQT Partners office in CapitaSpring Building, Singapore. The objectives of the consultation was to review designs that provided enough sound isolation and acoustic treatment to achieve a comfortable office environment.

The Analysis

The initial design for EQT was reviewed and upgraded to fulfil the typical office acoustic requirement stated by International WELL Building Standard (2020) Comfort Part 81 Sound Barriers. Solutions were provided for drywall partition, glazed partition and doors to achieve STC45 or above.

The Design

For sound isolation at meeting rooms, STC50 full height partition was proposed to prevent sound transmission thus provide speech privacy for confidential meetings. Acoustically rated doors with solid core timber panel and door seal set were utilised to optimise sound isolation. For acoustic treatment, acoustic ceilings and wall panels were designed to reduce the overall Reverberation Time (RT) of the rooms to ensure speech clarity within the room. 

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