We worked with Anthony Grimani from Performance Media Industries, Ltd (PMI), Sathis from Miaja Design & Michael from IWA Design to build a private high end home theatre designed by PMI.

A section showing the acoustic treatment planned for the room (Copyright PMI Ltd)

The private theatre and listening room was built with a room in a room construction and acoustic treatment was installed following a proprietary design of Tony’s. We had the pleasure of creating a totally high-end experience complete with a Meridian 7.1 system.

Our scope of work was to ensure the proper implementation of the design as the local acoustics consultant in Singapore. Soundproofing included use of heavy lead sheets on floors and walls making the room giving new meaning to the term “Heavy Metal Music Room”. A special mini projection room in the form of a projector box was crafted for the cinema projector, complete with silenced ventilation fans. The final air-conditioning system installed was so quiet that you would be hard pressed to not notice yourself breathing.

Acoustical reverberation times came in at 0.3 seconds making for excellent speech intelligibility for cinema purposes.

Let the guitar roar and start building your studio

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