Photo: Drum studio

Soundzipper Acoustic Consultants: Cindy Lin – Adrian Lo
Contractors: Space Scope Pte Ltd – G&H Renovation
Architect: RT+Q Architects


The Challenge

Our acoustic consultants were engaged to provide acoustic design and build services for a music room at Mayfield Avenue, purposed as a jamming room for this client’s band. The client’s concern was to not disrupt his neighbours and other family members in the house.

Together with our collaborators RT+Q Architects, we integrated our acoustics design plan into their visual and architectural design to construct a soundproof music studio with great aesthetics and great sound quality.

The drum studio was located in the basement and had a small window in one wall together with a built-in glass skylight in the ceiling. One limitation was that the external window design could not be redesigned to a more soundproof version as it was under the main contractor. Additional considerations had to be made in order to conform the skylight to meet acoustic requirements.


The Design

For the window, adding a second pane of acoustic glass to the existing external window together with polyester perimeter insulation of the intermediate space between the two panes transformed it into a high-grade recording studio window.

The MEP was designed for low noise with silencers for the fresh air duct, and acoustic putty was used around electrical boxes to reduce sound flanking. All four walls were reinforced with acoustic partition walls with Sylomer (an anti-vibration elastomer) and 50 mm acoustic fabric panels were used to reduce the reverberation time to be suitable for drumming.  Vicoustic diffusors on the back wall and ceiling gave it the right sound ambience and an aesthetic finish.
The drum studio door selected was a double-rebated, lead lined acoustic door finished in dark wood veneer.

The Result

Post construction testing revealed that the final room NC (noise criteria) was rated at 30-35 with an RT 60 (Reverberation Time) of 0.46 seconds. This result met our client’s expectation to prevent sound leakage from the room while providing an excellent sound environment for drumming.

The client was immensely pleased with the project and was glad to endorse us.

Bonus: Have a 3D VR experience of this space brought you by our brand new Matterport camera!

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