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Soundzipper Acoustic Consultants : Cindy Lin | Gerald Khor | Adrian Lo


The Challenge

The Migrant Workers’ Centre is a non-government organisation whose mission is to champion fair employment practices and the well-being of migrant workers in Singapore. Soundzipper was hired by the MWC to perform a Noise Assessment Clarification according to the National Environment Agency’s Technical Guideline on Boundary Noise Limits for Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation Systems in Nonindustrial Buildings. The assessment was a requirement for the MWC to obtain its Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP).

The Analysis

The M&E systems were completed only at the very last phase of construction; thus, there was a time constraint of 2 weeks to finalize the report, address anomalies and get approval. We had to guarantee that the needs of the authorities were fully catered to. By working closely with the client and NEA, we were able to meet this timeline and ensured that the centre became operational without any delay. Our team discovered aircraft and construction noises present at the site that resulted in some inconsistencies in the noise measurements. However, as these noises were only present intermittently, we overall found the areas tested to be well within the maximum permissible noise limits.


The Result

The client was very pleased with our management of the process and adherence to the NEA guidelines.

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