Photo: Motel Mexicola

Soundzipper Acoustic Consultants: Adrian Lo | Julian Martinez | Alex Tu
Architect: Mash Design
Structural Engineer: Passage Projects
Client: Motel Mexicola
Location: Bali, Indonesia


The Challenge

Motel Mexicola, nestled among the coco palms of Bali, is an iconic restaurant and bar. During the day customers are dazzled by its mind-blowing interior design, and after dark it is packed with people dancing the night away.

Our acoustic consultants were engaged by Motel Mexicola to perform noise impact assessment and noise abatement design at the boundary of the Mexicola Bar and Restaurant and the neighboring residences. A visual inspection of Mexicola Bar and Restaurant was conducted, and sound pressure levels were evaluated during peak operation hours. Areas where propagation of sound to the adjacent property were a cause of concern were identified and we proposed noise abatement solutions in the form of a new acoustic canopy system.


The Analysis

At the open bar area, we found that the existing PVC membrane roofing installed for rainfall  did not provide sufficient isolation for sound. Additionally, at the double storey seating area, sound was found leaking through the traditional Balinese pitched thatched roofs.


The Design

We recommended building an acoustically treated canopy structure to contain sound within the open bar area and decrease airborne noise transmission. For the canopy design, we worked with notable strutuctral designer Passage Projects for the shape and structural support of the canopy. The canopy was to act like an ‘acoustic reflector’, redirecting sound energy away from the residential area towards the less sensitive open commercial street in front of Mexicola . A selection of transparent acrylic material with clear perforated absorptive lining was proposed to preserve the original design intent of the venue.

Treating the thatched roofs involved covering them with a noise abatement blanket. Additional works were proposed at the various walls and kitchen areas to seal in the sound.

The design was subsequently simulated in Olive Tree Lab and we noted a 50% drop in perceived noise levels before and after the design. This proposal, if implemented, would place Motel Mexicola in compliance with regulatory laws for noise.



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