mTower Mapletree Building

Acoustic Consultant: Candice Yung


The Challenge

Soundzipper was engaged to provide acoustic consultation for the renovation of an office in an integrated development in Queenstown. The objective of the design is to provide acoustic design to achieve a comfortable office environment through sound isolation and acoustic treatment.

The Analysis

Speech privacy is essential in office environments. In modern office builds, phone booths, multiple pax meeting rooms and open space office cubicles cater to the needs of the employees working in the office. These types of rooms were made to ensure minimum background noise as possible with the integration of sound isolation design. Casual computer desk work without much real-time communication can be done in open spaces, whereas discussions in work and through meetings would be held in rooms to isolate the noise.

The Process

The acoustic requirement from the client was studied thoroughly before any design work. Construction shop drawings including the partition, doors and ACMV mitigation were issued for approval before construction.

A construction defects checklist was organised to review the site conditions and observations upon completion of the project. An acoustic test was then conducted to check compliance of the Reverberation Time (RT), Noise Criteria (NC) & Noise Isolation Class (NIC) requirements set by the client. The data from the test was then compiled into a test report collating all the tested data and rectification recommendations.


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