Photo Credits: Produce Workshop


Soundzipper Acoustic Consultants : Adrian Lo | Julian Martinez | Alex Tu | Johnny Lee
Architect : Produce Workshop Pte Ltd
Contractor : Superstructure Pte Ltd


The Challenge

Soundzipper was hired by Produce Workshop to provide acoustic consultation for the private cinema room and ensure a cinema-grade sound standard was achieved in line with Dolby Atmos’ specifications. The client wanted an impeccable family entertainment and immersive sound experience in their home. This project required us to work hand in hand with the architect Produce and Audio-Visual Specialist AOE to deliver the home theatre with a completely invisible sound system and acoustic treatment.


The Analysis

The home theatre was structured with a tessellation of many hexagonal panels, giving it a cave-like pattern that the designer nicknamed “sound cave”. Stealth Acoustics speakers featuring Distributed Mode Loudspeaker technology made up the sound system. This technology, while hidden behind the hexagonal wall panels, generated full bandwidth high-quality sound.

One identified problem was that the cave structure design would result in uncontrollable echoes. In addition, sound isolation was important because the home theatre was adjacent to both the family karaoke room and music practice studio, which presented possible sources of noise disturbance.


The Design

To combat echo, we chose a micro-perforated veneer from French manufacturer Oberflex as the main mode of acoustic treatment. We applied these panels in targeted areas in the room to achieve higher speech clarity and reduce excess reverberation. To improve the sound isolation, a standard room-in-a-room construction was installed with vibration isolators, and an acoustic door was fitted at the entrance.

The client was extremely satisfied with the acoustic condition of the cinema room.

Check out the CNA Luxury feature on this room here:

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