Soundzipper Acoustic Consultant: Candice Yung

The Challenge

Soundzipper was engaged to provide acoustic design and build services for two stand-alone recording booths at an office in Robinson Road, Singapore. The main design goals for this build were to achieve maximum sound insulation with the constraint of the booth size and also an acoustically treated space for voice recording purpose.

The main challenge for this project was to build a stand-alone booth within an open office space with sufficient structural support and within the building load restraint.

The Analysis

The office has a very high structural ceiling level, having a full-height isolated wall is not possible in this situation. Therefore, the booths were instead designed to be a stand-alone structure with the endorsement of the structural engineer.

The main purpose for the recording booths is for voice recording. The Reverberation Time (RT) for recording booth shall be minimised for higher audio clarity according to AS2107 Acoustics Australian Standards: Recommended design sound levels and reverberation times for building interiors. The design RT for the booths was specified to be below 0.5 seconds.

The Design

The booth frame was constructed with Rectangular Hollow Sections (RHS) galvanised steel to provide sufficient structural support. The partitions and ceiling were enclosed with gypsum boards, TECSOUND acoustic damping layer and rockwool. The simulated Sound Transmission Class (STC) performance was at STC64 with the thickness of 245mm. The isolation structure was completed with the 110mm thick floating floor, in which was constructed using REGUFOAM 190 isolation strip and screed.

Glazed swing doors and viewing panels by T1 Glass Systems with the estimated performance of STC43 were installed for the booths. The acoustic glazed door panels are double-glazed, the door system include perimeter seals and automatic bottom drop seals with threshold. STC43 double-glazed viewing panel was also installed for each booth with the frame perimeter sealed with sealant to minimise noise leakage.

The interior acoustic finishes include fabric panels on wall, mineral tile ceiling panels and carpet tiles on the floor.

Bonus: Have a 3D VR experience of this space brought you by our brand new Matterport camera!

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