Building a soundproof private drum studio is not as simple as just throwing in some expensive equipment and pressing the record button.

It is essential that the treatment of the room acoustics is to ensure that external noise from outside of the room does not enter and disrupt the quality of recording and performance within the studio. Similarly, it’s necessary to ensure you do not want the loud projection of sound projected by the drums within the room to exit and bring discomfort to others.

Our client, an avid drummer, wanted a private space in his new HDB BTO to be built and record his live sessions without disturbing the neighbours. What was required was the soundproofing and acoustic treatment for his drum studio. To create a private space that provided a perfect environment for jamming where good sound isolation was the key between rooms was essential. The key surrounding elements soundzipper faced is that the apartment is situated in a dense neighbourhood in Singapore. Another was  external noise interference from various elements such as busy construction sites, SMRT trains passing by were a key source of extremely high noise

The build involved a fully recording grade soundproof private drum studio within his new home. The main challenges were the extremely thin walls and thin structural floors that are used typically in HDB flat construction around the island.


We floated a lightweight concrete screed floor on point isolators that was able to effectively suppress low-frequency vibration transmitting via the floor to neighbours. Damping membranes and thick insulation were introduced into the acoustic walls and ceiling to add mass and overcome coincidence effects down to very low frequencies. Resulting in a quality soundproof private drum studio for our client to practice his percussion instrument with absolute satisfaction.

As a result, close to no sound can be heard in the adjacent rooms; the perfect soundproof private drum studio in a modern day HDB BTO apartment.


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