SPH Radio DJ Booth

Photo:Radio DJ Booth


Soundzipper Acoustic Consultants: Adrian Lo | Johnny Lee | Julian Martinez | Liji Mohan
Soundzipper Project Manager: Donovan Phoon
Client: D’Perception Singapore Pte Ltd


The Challenge

D’Perception Singapore Pte Ltd develops workspaces that encourage creativity and harness the potential of human synergy. Soundzipper was engaged by D’Perception to design a new standalone radio DJ booth in the lobby of the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) building. SPH wanted the booth to boost the visibility of radio DJs to the public and provide a high quality environment for broadcasting.
Singapore Press Holdings and D’Perception Singapore Pte Ltd trusted Soundzipper to design a stand-alone radio DJ booth while providing a high quality acoustic environment.


The Analysis

We measured Sound Pressure Levels in the one of the existing SPH Radio broadcast studios and also in the lobby. We found the studio to have a noise level of 39.2 dBA and a Noise Criteria (NC) rating of 32, slightly outside the optimal range for a recording studio. The sound level in the lobby itself was a much louder 81 dBA. Our goal was to design the new studio in the lobby to be even better than the existing studio.$


The Design

Site  constraints meant that creating the sound isolation walls using heavy construction such as brick or concrete was not an option.  Our consultants designed a lightweight room consisting of gypsum board partitions, vibration isolators and an STC44 lead sheet timber door. The ventilation system was taken care of by inserting special silencers. Low depth fabric acoustic panels tuned specifically for speech were used together with curtains to provide a good acoustic ambience while maximising available space. We incorporated the special feature of a full timber floating floor to prevent footstep noise around the booth’s exterior from being transmitted into the booth.

The end noise level for the studio was rated at NC 20/26.9 dBA with a reverberation time of RT 0.25s. These are ideal values for radio broadcasting and represent a greater than 50dBA reduction of noise from the adjacent lobby.

D’Perception gave us their compliments on this very successful project.

Bonus: Have a 3D VR experience of this space brought you by our brand new Matterport camera!

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