Temasek Polytechnic Student Lounge

Soundzipper Acoustic Consultant: Candice Yung

Soundzipper Project Manager: Andy Zhu

The Challenge

The School of Business at Temasek Polytechnic sought the expertise of Soundzipper to overcome the acoustic challenges faced in their studio and student lounge areas. The bustling student lounge, often filled with activities, experienced excessive noise and echo, which impeded effective communication and created an uncomfortable environment. The primary objective was to mitigate echo and noise while incorporating an attractive color theme that would enhance the overall aesthetics of the space.

The Analysis

To achieve the desired acoustic performance goals, Soundzipper selected BWF polySONIC® fr 3D panels as the primary solution. These panels feature a textile surface that not only visually enhances the room but also ensures optimal acoustics through dispersion and simultaneous absorption. By strategically placing the panels in areas with high reverberation, Soundzipper aimed to improve speech intelligibility and create a more comfortable acoustic environment in the studio and student lounge.

The Design

In designing the space, careful attention was devoted to creating a visually engaging space that aligned with the attractive colour theme. The availability of the polySONIC┬« fr 3D panels in a range of colours allowed for customisation to suit the overall aesthetic of the space. Soundzipper team worked closely with the client to select colours that complemented the existing decor and created a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. Overall, the Temasek Polytechnic Student Lounge project serves as a testament to Soundzipper’s commitment to creating acoustically pleasing environments that enhance the well-being and productivity of individuals in various settings.

Bonus: Have a 3D VR experience of this space brought you by our brand new Matterport camera!

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