Photo: Trinity Methodist Church Hall- Panorama 1

Soundzipper Acoustic Consultants: Julian Martinez | Johnny Lee
Designer: Adrian Ong Studio 


The Challenge

Soundzipper was tasked to provided acoustic simulation services for Trinity Methodist Church using AFMG EASE (Enhanced Acoustic Simulation for Engineers). The client wanted to ensure the main church hall provided good acoustics for choir and pastoral sermons. In collaboration with the designer, Adrian Ong, we revamped the church hall to include acoustic design.

The Analysis

The church had a budget that we had to adhere to while sourcing for local acoustic quality materials.


The Design

We innovated acoustic solutions and iterated several different design concepts that were within the church’s budget. The reverberation time for the mid and low frequencies had an average reduction of 0.3s in our designs. Trinity church was delighted with the church hall, and Adrian Ong continued to work with us on additional church related projects.


Photo: Trinity Methodist Church Hall- Panorama 2

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