Reliving 90s Childhood Memories of Music in Singapore

Music memories

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Listen up 90s kids! Do you remember your 90s childhood memories while growing up either by listening to our favourite boy bands to girl duos who rocked the world or gave us our first crushes! One thing is for sure, music was a big part for us 90s kids as they defined who we are today!

Growing up in primary school in the 90s served as one of the many 90s childhood memories as we had other than playing country erasers, hide and seek and catching before our assemblies! Common 90s childhood memories were established when we rumbled to the school buses on our way to school and listened to songs Mom, Dad or even our grandparents taught us. Let’s take a trip down memory lane!

Listening to Music

One of the more simple pleasures in life was something simple such as music, it made people happy, it made people sing and share songs. Whether it was the Discman or the early stages of the iPod, listening to music in the past had a lesser variety to adapt to. There was no doubt that 90s music memories were filled with different variations when Youtube or online streaming didn’t exist yet. Saturday mornings were filled with MTV chart toppers or when we heard the radio in our parent’s car with some of those tunes that filled our heads.¬†One thing that was quite common was that you had to take some effort to find out about more songs. The choices for music quickly grew further as the Mp3 took to the mobile phone when Sony Ericsson introduced it into the phone.

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Shopping for Music

90s childhood memories

Remember HMV? Unlike normal streaming or the various downloading websites, shopping for music used to be a hobby for some while it used to create a sense of belonging for some people as some friendships were formed in stores itself! There’s nothing more fun then to search for a physical copy of your favourite CDs or to search for the rarest of its kind. Some of these 90s childhood memories offered more than just music but also a lifestyle! Unfortunately, HMV closed its doors in 2015 and the opportunity to find more music was since then narrowed down as other chains began shutting its doors.

Music Classes

Music Memories

When the sweet sound of the recorder was played and you were either walking down the corridor or there was someone messing around with that instrument. Either way, music was part of our curriculum in primary and secondary schools! While it was a ‘free period’ for many of us, some of us actually took it quite seriously with most of us forming our bands in the early secondary school days or for some these music memories were in the school band. While not at the jamming studio, Plaza Singapura would be filled with kids who were waiting outside Yamaha Music School waiting to enter classes


Despite its changing landscape, music in the 2000s is pretty similar in some ways to what the scene has in the days of today. In some perspective, we have taken less time to fully explore the joy of going into a store to fully immerse ourselves into a music culture! We have almost everything readily available at the click of the button or a flick of a website, we have taken a lot of things especially for music. It isn’t exactly a bad thing but it is something that will have to embrace because this too will have its phase.

So the question really is, are we going to keep these memories in a treasure chest or live it out? That’s our part to decide!

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