TOPAKUSTIK in Indoor Pools

Acoustics in Indoor Pools Architecture is not just a visual experience but a multi-sensorial experience. Sound is an essential part of the multi-sensorial experience of a space, but it is often neglected. An example of a space with often neglected acoustics is the indoor pool. Indoor pools typically have poor acoustics: the space has a…

Lee Song Lin

Pursuing M.Arch at Singapore University of Technology and Design.



Simulating Room Modes

room modes

Have you’ve ever heard a pair of loudspeakers (or more) with good bass extension in an untreated room? Walking around the room, you’d notice that some of the low frequencies are not of equal loudness at different spatial positions in the room. This phenomenon is known as room modes. Although they affect the entire range…

Cindy Lin

Cindy incorporates her live sound engineering background, studio knowledge from Music and Audio Tech diploma and technical knowledge from her Audio Acoustic degree from Salford, UK to provide fresh insights and creative solutions to clients in the realm of acoustics.



Soundproofing construction: How much does it actually cost? (Part 2)

After analysing the estimated cost of how much soundproofing construction, we now take you on a deeper insight with the intricate construction of the different facets of why soundproofing. We break down the various compositions that goes behind the scenes in soundproofing. Soundproofing construction consist of managing the walls, ceilings and flooring. These represent the…

Johann Tan

Sonic Sailor

An Acoustic Guitarist obsessed with Music & Sound, enjoys being in the studios learning and exploring the intricacies of Acoustics.



Acoustic Panels: Guide for Architects and Interior Designers

Most architects and interior designers love the bespoke rooms and have an eye for detail when it comes to visual design. However, they can get clueless when a client requests for acoustic specifications in their projects be it commercial or residential. Soundzipper breaks down a comprehensive list for you. Acoustic Panels are products which can…

Liji Mohan

An Architect from India with a Masters degree in Architectural Engineering from Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh.



BAUX: Where Acoustic Panels, Aesthetics and Sustainability Meet

acoustic panels

BAUX is hoping to put an end to the age-old question of aesthetics vs. function. The Swedish company’s acoustic panels are visually appealing solutions for public and private spaces that are sustainable to boot. Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not, and the BAUX’s rapid growth around the world is proof of…

Jenna Spinelle

Acoustic Storyteller

Writer and music lover from the United States. Excited to tell the world about the power of acoustics!



Landscaping as a Noise Treatment: Creating a Calming Soundscape

calming soundscape

City life is more likely to cause to a state of depression and anxiety than living in rural environments, among others, due to the chronic noise exposure. Many recent studies show that urban noise pollution leads to health disorders such as heart problems, hearing loss, diminished productivity, sleep disruption, impaired learning, and more. However, we…

Tena Lazarevic

Blog Writer

An architect, sound artist, and music lover. Mostly guided by intuition and interested in exploring the borders of architecture.



Acoustic Consultants: From Architecture to Acoustics

Acoustic Consultants

Coming from a land Downunder, Alex Tu finally completes the Soundzipper jigsaw puzzle. His experience in architecture now soars in the world of acoustics.  As one of the leading acoustic consultants, what is your philosophy? Acoustic consultants have different purposes! Each to make a space sound better. My calling is to design and realise spaces…

Daryl Stewart

Digital Marketing Strategist

Music lover, movie lover and loves the mystery of life! Believes in true happiness and living one day at a time! Loves to drink tea and of course juice!



Church Acoustics Issues (Part 1)

Church acoustics

Modern church acoustics issues have been prevalent in recent ages as they have multiple functions to serve making it difficult task to design acoustically if not consulted early. Common church acoustics related complaints When entering the church, we are often awed by the nature of the church. Its bespoke architecture, the fancy lights, comfortable chairs…

Kat Cheng

Sound Scavenger

Musician and composer with a great love of superhero movies



Press Release: Singapore National Stadium Acoustic Issues

National Stadium acoustics issues

The Soundzipper consultancy has taken the decision to make public its ability to bring relief to the long-term bad acoustics dilemma at the National Stadium in Singapore. National Stadium Acoustics Issues had been criticized over the recent Jay Chou Concert causing an uproar to many unhappy Singaporean fans who paid money and time to support…

Daryl Stewart

Digital Marketing Strategist

Music lover, movie lover and loves the mystery of life! Believes in true happiness and living one day at a time! Loves to drink tea and of course juice!



Room Acoustics History: How Music Changed with Spaces

Room Acoustics

There are many elements to consider when writing a song. This can depend on the versatility of your creativity and your personal approach. While there are many factors in writing a song. There is a whole world of room acoustics history and music composition that influences the way music is being composed these days. Let’s…

Kat Cheng

Sound Scavenger

Musician and composer with a great love of superhero movies