Ee Fong Ng: My Experience as a Business Development Intern.

As a Business Development Intern, I’ve had a great time these past 3 months working, learning and playing together with the Soundzipper team. Being a small team, Soundzipper offered me the unique opportunity to observe much about what goes on throughout the company on a day to day basis, and under the guidance of the…

Ee Fong Ng

I am a second year student of Business Administration at the National University of Singapore



Alec Cepe: My Experience as an Architectural Acoustics Intern.

I’m Alec Cepe, a 3rd Year Singapore Polytechnic student currently enrolled in the Diploma of Music & Audio Technology and I took a chance in using my opportunity to learn something new and distinct in Soundzipper. For the past 5 months from March to August, It has been a fruitful and eye-opening experience being an…


I am a second year full time student in Singapore Polytechnic currently studying Diploma of Music & Audio Technology. I aim to not only gain experience in the music industry, but also broaden my horizon where music takes me.



TOPAKUSTIK in Indoor Pools

Acoustics in Indoor Pools Architecture is not just a visual experience but a multi-sensorial experience. Sound is an essential part of the multi-sensorial experience of a space, but it is often neglected. An example of a space with often neglected acoustics is the indoor pool. Indoor pools typically have poor acoustics: the space has a…

Lee Song Lin

Pursuing M.Arch at Singapore University of Technology and Design.



Soundzipper Collaborating Architect: Pan Yi Cheng

Project: Ridout Road Cinema Room – The “Sound Cave” Pan Yi Cheng (Pan) is the founder of three companies: Type0 Architecture, Superstructure Sg and Produce Workshop Pte Ltd. These companies specialise in the fields of design, digital fabrication and architecture respectively, while working synergistically to enrich the built environment. Pan graduated with honours at the…

Adrian Lo

Acoustic Engineer & Founder of Soundzipper

My passions are learning, music and videogames. I believe life should be lived with purpose and together as One. I am always tinkering with something in technology and making things better.



Collaboration with Vibro in Greece

Soundzipper and Vibro work together to push innovation in acoustic insulation even further. Singapore,SG – Today, Soundzipper is pleased to announce a collaboration with Vibro in Greece. This partnership will allows us to expand our expertise in consulting, design & built and materials supply with Vibro as a key player in  the acoustics field. This…


Architectural Acoustics Intern

Epicurean at heart, who undertakes in areas of advanced technology and constantly in search of new experiences. Studies mechanical engineering in France.



Aaron Metzler: Internship culture at Soundzipper

Aaron Metzler

Culture and diversity holds no barriers at Soundzipper. Cohesiveness, synergy and cultural exchanges help make ways for a innovative experience for all interns. Aaron Metzler had an experience of a lifetime when he had the opportunity to come to Singapore and do an internship at Soundzipper for one month. “It’s been a great time so…

Aaron Metzler

Crazy german, who loves the food in Singapore. Studies also Media and Acoustical Engineering in Mittweida, Germany.



How to live up to the noise of National Day in Singapore?

national day

This year our nation celebrates its 53rd hatch day! Since then, we have grown into a cosmopolitan city and like a chili padi, has burst into the worldwide scene. Not only do we celebrate our nation, we celebrate the joy of our family and friends. How do we then live up to the noise at…

Daryl Stewart

Digital Marketing Strategist

Music lover, movie lover and loves the mystery of life! Believes in true happiness and living one day at a time! Loves to drink tea and of course juice!



Good soundproofing: What does it actually cost? (Part 1)

good soundproofing

Perhaps you’re thinking of good soundproofing your room/studio or home theatre but have no idea where to begin, what soundproofing entails and what the costs are- then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll explain the different aspects of soundproofing and the breakdown of costs to achieve good soundproofing. Introduction What is…

Johann Tan

Sonic Sailor

An Acoustic Guitarist obsessed with Music & Sound, enjoys being in the studios learning and exploring the intricacies of Acoustics.



Soundzipper Partners with Architect for a Unique Home Theater Project

home theater

“The owner wanted the seats to rumble when the bass kicked in.”   When a client is paying for a high-end home theater system, you find a way to give them what they want. That’s exactly what Soundzipper’s Julian Martinez did when contacted by architect Yi Cheng Pan for help with a home theater he…

Jenna Spinelle

Acoustic Storyteller

Writer and music lover from the United States. Excited to tell the world about the power of acoustics!



Sound Artist Mark Ijzerman – Using sound to create a better everyday life

sound artist

Mark Ijzerman is a sound artist, sound designer, writer, and educator from the Netherlands. Currently, he works at the intersection of art and technology as he skilfully combines the different media. The role of a sound artist can bring about many interesting projects unknown to the rest of the world. In this interview, Mark will…

Tena Lazarevic

Blog Writer

An architect, sound artist, and music lover. Mostly guided by intuition and interested in exploring the borders of architecture.