Ee Fong Ng: My Experience as a Business Development Intern.

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As a Business Development Intern, I’ve had a great time these past 3 months working, learning and playing together with the Soundzipper team. Being a small team, Soundzipper offered me the unique opportunity to observe much about what goes on throughout the company on a day to day basis, and under the guidance of the team, I’ve learnt much about the ins and outs of business processes.

Ee Fong Ng

I was involved in a wide variety of Business Development activities, from corporate presentations and site visits to cold calls and CRM management. This has allowed me to gain a breadth of first-hand experience regarding Business Development I could not have gotten at school; but one thing I really appreciated was the freedom I was afforded to tackle my tasks. Owing to the flexible culture here at Soundzipper, there is little micromanagement and a results-based approach is taken most often. This allowed me to really grow and become more familiar with my work as I could use my own discretion and complete tasks at my own pace.

The Standout Experience

The standout experience, for me, was the development of the Go To Market strategy for Soundzipper that laid out the plans for their expansion into Indonesia. It was exciting to finally put the theory I’ve learned at university into real practice, and laying the groundwork for Soundzipper’s expansion under the team’s guidance gave me a truly in-depth understanding of business processes. I was even able to participate in Soundzipper’s overseas research trip to Jakarta where we met various stakeholders and partners, and it allowed me to further refine Soundzipper’s expansion strategy.

It’s also not all work and no play at Soundzipper; the regular get-togethers and outings at the company allow time for employees and interns alike to have casual conversations with each other and foster a friendly environment which I am glad to have been a part of.

Overall, my experience at Soundzipper was short but deeply rewarding; the tough yet unique work experience I had was enriching, and the flexible culture and friendly environment gave me an unforgettable internship experience.

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