Quieter Construction Fund – Reducing Construction Noise in Singapore Is Easier now.

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A new government construction fund set up to help Singapore companies purchase quieter machinery and adopt noise control practices.

Construction works involving heavy machinery often produce loud noises that are not only a public nuisance but also pose as a safety hazard to workers. Construction noise problems are especially prevalent in Singapore where urban density is high. It is not uncommon to read news about construction companies having to halt work due to noise complaints.

Unfortunately, the cost of construction machinery is high and replacing old noisy machinery is often a huge capital cost undertaking. Understanding this point of view, the Quieter Construction Fund is a new government fund set up to help Singapore companies purchase quieter machinery and adopt noise control practices


What is the Quieter Construction Fund?

The Quieter Construction Fund (QCF) is a scheme to fund companies to use quieter machines, noise control equipment and innovative ways to solve noise issues. In this article, we will talk about how the Quieter Construction Fund will be able to help you save financially, as well as improve the safety of your work.

construction fund

Who is the Quieter Construction Fund for?

To be eligible for the scheme, the applicant must be:

  • A Singapore registered companies who are currently working on an existing or proposed construction site
  • A Singapore supplier of construction equipment to an existing or proposed construction site.

The construction site must be located less than 150 metres from a noise sensitive premise such as a hospital or residential area.


Where do you submit your application?

The supporting documents and the application form can be sent in hard or soft copy. You can send the soft copy to: [email protected], and label the subject as QCF Application – [Company’s Name]. Or you can send it to

The Fund Secretariat, Quieter Construction Fund”
Environment Building
40 Scotts Road #12-00
Singapore 228231

How do you ensure that your machinery/noise control solution is eligible for the QCF?
The fund supports the purchase of quieter construction machinery and solutions to control noise such as noise barriers and acoustic enclosures. You’ll be able to receive as much as S$50,000 funding per equipment or up to 50% of the equipment cost if the total cost is less than S$100 000 per equipment. For other noise reduction measures, like noise barriers, funds of 50% will be given per site. The minimum grant value must add up to at least $5,000.

To qualify for the funding, new quieter machinery needs to be tested in-situ by National Environment Agency (NEA) officers. Noise barriers and acoustic enclosures need to be tested by an independent third party. As an independent acoustic consulting company, Soundzipper can help you verify whether your noise barrier or acoustic enclosure qualifies for this scheme. We can carry out noise assessment tests compliant to ISO 10847:1997 as required by the NEA. A sound measurement report will be provided within 2 weeks to ensure quick approval by the authorities.



The Quieter Construction Fund is an important grant for any construction company looking to upgrade their machinery or for suppliers of noise barriers & acoustic enclosures. Leave the noise assessment test to Soundzipper and benefit from the Quieter Construction Fund today.

For more information, visit http://www.nea.gov.sg/grants-awards/quieter-construction-fund.

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