What To Look For In A Good Jamming Studio?

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You’re in a band. You feel like you need to unleash the inner musician in you that has been dormant all this while. But you’re in Singapore. Your house
is too small for a jam and your neighbours are probably going to complain about the noise. So where do you go then? Easy, a jamming studio.

It’s second nature for Musicians, not only in Singapore, but around the world to be looking for a jamming studio. It is where we go to let everything loose
and I’m sure musicians out there would agree with me on that.

But have you ever waited so long for that day when you meet up your band mates; head down to the studio while carrying your heavily invested musical
equipment; eagerly set up your instruments; only to realize the sound just doesn’t cut it?? Is the room too small? Are the amps of low quality? Does the
place cost more than it should? Well, here are a few tips to look out for while finding a studio suited to you.

Where is your jamming studio?

Location: Some of your band mates might be living on the opposite end of Singapore. It isn’t really fair to expect them to travel across the country for an
hour long practice. Neither is it fair for you to do the same. So what next? CENTRAL! If you had done your research, you would know that a good amount of
jamming studios are located in Central Singapore. Now that you’re reading this probably means you are doing some research. Well good on you! Worry not as
we will provide a mini list of some studios available below.

Do you have the right equipment?

Equipment: What guitars are you using? What genre does your band play? Do you have a pedal board that stretches across the room? Or are you just into pure
raw tones? These are questions you should ask yourself when looking for a suitable jamming studio. Yes, your instruments do play a major role. However, so
do the amps which are going to allow for the projected sound. It never hurts to seek your instrument’s most suitable partner. They will be happy and so
will you!

Drums come first…

Drums: The drummers get all the chicks, or so they say. But when hitting pails sound better than the drum kit the studio provides, someone’s having pretty
serious issues. If drummers don’t get to drum, you’re going to have to face some pretty serious consequences for the rest of the day, as we all know.
Here’s some advice, check in with the studio if their drum kit suits your drummer’s preferences. Remember, it may even determine the fate of your song.

Your jamming studio acoustic counts.

Acoustics: Some may even argue that this factor would make or break a jamming studio. Acoustics do play an important role. From the position of the
amplifiers, to the size of the room. Every tiny itty gritty detail would make the difference. The last thing you would want is to barely hear your own
instrument. Balance is also another factor, but that’s another story altogether. Be wary of the sound being reproduced in the jamming studio. A great
sounds means for a great experience.


As a summary, make sure you do enough research to find a jamming studio in Singapore which suits your band’s style the best. Good jamming sessions result
in good songs. Good songs keep your happy. Happy people are the best!! Cheers and rock on!

Bonus track!

If you are looking for a list of all the jamming studios in Singapore stop looking. Just check this link here:

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