Why Is Flush Mounting Speakers So Important For The Quality Of Your Sound?

flush mounting speakers

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Flush mounting speakers increase exponentially the sound quality of your space, plus allows you to save some space in your room and look good at the same time; without having any hanging wires lying on the floor.

Why Flush Mounting Speakers

Are you building a control room or a cinema (or a home cinema)? Well in this case you should know that flush mounting speakers is a procedure that highly
improves the quality of your sound. Doing it properly is not very easy though and it can be very easy to commit some very common mistakes. Flush mounting
speakers are also well suited for any kinds of room, ranging from smaller bedrooms to large living rooms, especially small rooms.

One of the main vantages is the fact that you do not have to worry about phasing issues too, as the sound coming from the back of the speakers is
eliminated. And last but not least, there is also an estetic part to consider: The ability to hide wires and cables in the wall is also an advantage for
better sound. The thicker and shorter the wire, the better the sound; hence this can be achieved when they are able to be hidden inside the walls.

It is recommended to flush mount our speakers at home as it is used to deliver consistency in the sound quality across your room. In this video, you’ll
learn the common mistakes that people make to get a better sound quality from their sound system and how to flush mount them. After which, you’ll learn the
three steps Soundzipper abides by when flush mounting; Mass, Isolation and Flushness.

Once you’re all prepped for a better sound quality, it’s time to enjoy your sound experience with good music or movies!

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