Design and Win! Singapore’s Next Top Designer

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Come Design and Win! Are you a designer obsessed with patterns and would love to explore the possibility of integrating your design in architecture? Look no further, this contest is for you!

Design and Win


Design and Win

Love the designs that you see? Soundzipper wants to find out if you have the guts to be Singapore’s Next Top Designer. Show us your talent, put your skills to the test and stand a chance of winning a set of Audio Technica headphones worth $500! Look below for details on how to participate

The Key Concept

Soundzipper in collaboration with Topakustik are launching a contest for everyone who has the capacity to design an acoustic panel using their creative techniques. We are looking for your design to be placed in a reputable hotel where your artwork will might a chance to be displayed. Whether you love jigsaw puzzles or want to make an impact on showcasing your designs, Soundzipper’s very first Design and Win will ensure that your portfolio will achieve great heights

How to Participate

Design and Win

Step 1: You will need to use a vector based design program i.e. Adobe Illustrator or other CAD programs to create the design – the final result will need to be compatible with AutoCad.

 Step 2: Create a pattern according to the Type 1 or Type 2 designs below.

 Step 3: Send in your raw design file in any format together with a .jpeg image and a short writeup to explain your design. Don’t forget to include your type of finish.

Send it in together with your Name, Contact Number and Email address and submit it to [email protected]

What exactly needs to be done?

Theme: Feelings of Floral/Natural Environment (Use your imagination!)

Submit the design in either 1 of the 2 types below

Type 1 Type 2
Dimensions Restrictions
2032mm by 932mm
standard pattern
2032mm by 932mm
free form
Pattern A simple pattern can be drawn as such
Anything that can be done by a laser CNC machine but when pieced together, it forms a bigger picture!
Tiling Tile seamlessly with a 3mm gap
Design and Win
A whole picture should form just like this image. Think 3D jigsaw puzzle!
Type of finish Choose a finish for your pattern! It can be a wood veneer or paint Same as Type 1

Still not sure? This guide will explain a step by step procedure on how to make your masterpiece. Only for Type 1 🙂

Alternatively, take a look at this video!

Want to secure the prize? DOUBLE YOUR CHANCES!!

Want a higher chance on winning?

If you want to increase your chances in Singapore’s Next Top Designer

You can do the following

  1. Participate in both Type 1 and Type 2 and send in your entries. The more you submit, the higher your chances on winning!
  2. Superimpose your entries on a ceiling with a 3D render either via photoshop or any other technique as long as we can see in the picture below.

Here is an example for type 2

(Hint: Look at how the patterns have been superimposed on the ceiling)

Design and Win

By participating more, you can stand a chance to win an anticipated prize of a set of Audio Technica Headphones worth $500 . CLOSING DATE is 30th June 2016 at 11.59pm

What happens when I submit?

The Managing Director of Soundzipper and Topakustik will decide the winner together with the rest of the team. So be patient, and send in more designs if you want to. The more you send, the higher your chances! GOOD LUCK!


In a Nutshell (Contest Poster)

Design and Win


Rules and Regulations


Design And Win

  1. Design and Win: Singapore’s Next Top Designer is a competition opened to those preferably residing in Singapore.
  2. The management Soundzipper LLP may take up to 30 working days to decide the winner and the best design for the contest
  3. The management will only pick 1 (one) winner and the prize is not transferrable or allowed to be traded in for cash
  4. Winners of Design and Win Singapore’s Next Top Designer must produce identification proof upon collection of the prize. If they are unable to collect it, another person must produce proof of both identification cards before the collection of the prize can be attained.
  5. The management may decide to change the prize but of the same value without prior notice depending on the availability of the product.
  6. To qualify for the prize, winners will have to submit their entry to the stipulated website by the 30th of June 2016 by 1159pm. Late entries will be looked upon a case by case basis.
  7.  The management of Soundzipper LLP has the right to retain the prize should there be fraud, misconduct, plagiarism for the design.
  8. Prizes must be checked at the Soundzipper Office as once the prize is claimed and collected, the management will bear no responsibility with the prize if it is faulty.
  9. The prize and the rules can be amended at any point of the competition without notice.
  10. Design and Win contest is not eligible for all employees of Soundzipper LLP
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