How to live up to the noise of National Day in Singapore?

national day

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This year our nation celebrates its 53rd hatch day! Since then, we have grown into a cosmopolitan city and like a chili padi, has burst into the worldwide scene. Not only do we celebrate our nation, we celebrate the joy of our family and friends. How do we then live up to the noise at this year’s national day?

Fireworks display


national day

National day! Every year we wait anxiously for the moment of the fireworks display. National Day cannot be complete without the joy of viewing the fascinating fireworks display located in the city district. Though it can be a loud and deafening experience for some, nothing beats the night sky with this illuminating facade. The legal limit for fireworks are at a whopping 120dB which is over 15, 000, 000, 000, 000 times more powerful than a whisper. If you would like to bring your loved ones or friends over to the catch the fireworks, do check out this link.

F15SG Aerial Display

national day


Loyalty to country! Leadership! and some of you know the rest!

This year a new twist takes its place in the f15SG aerial display consisting of 21 RSAF AIRCRAFT!!. The sound of the blaring jet engines is expected to burst into action as they perform a sharp high-G turn at the Marina Area as well as to perform the what I like to call the ascending spin! Commonly known to take out missiles and the enemies aircraft. Do keep your eyes peeled for a special blue coloured F15SG as the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) celebrates it 50th birthday!

21 Gun Salute and Parade

The precision and power of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) takes place once again. Also known as the Presidential Gun Salute, the loud sounds behind the iconic 25 pound howitzers can blast out your ear drums if you are nearby. Make sure to carry on some ear lugs with you should you be within the vicinity. If you would like to know more about the full involvement of the 21 gun salute, do check out this link

What is a parade without the thunderous voice of the Regimental Sergeant Major Tan Ban Heng (RSM). As a former NSF, I have always been impressed at how loud one can shout and with a pack of lozenges and lots of honey water, it is no surprise that the voice can echo all over.

The Sound of your laughter

Thats the sound, we are all looking forward to. The sound of family and fun together is probably what you will be able to hear in the stands, at home or even at the community centres where we come together and celebrate our very own national day. If you would like to see the loudness of the elements of the National day, please click here

To all Singaporeans, we wish you a very blessed and happy National Day!

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