World Cup Noise: Russia 2018

world cup noise

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Zdravstvuyte! It is time for the Fifa world cup 2018 and this year we head over to Russia where they host a 32 nation strong fighting for the most famed prize in football. Just like any festival, let us take you back to some facts on some familiar noises that make the world cup what it is.

World Cup Noise 1: Instruments of the World Cup

world cup noise

If you are new to the football world, then you might not be familiar with the buzzing sound of the Vuvuzela, a long plastic tube which you can blow so that you can feel that you are being chased by a swarm of bees. In 2010, the South African nation used these instruments to celebrate victories and create a sense of atmosphere in the stadium. For more on the history of the vuvuzela, please Read more here.
In fact, some locations and stadiums were so loud that no 2 persons could hear each other when it was being blown simultaneously.

Scientists warned of its deafening hazards at an average of 131dBA causing permanent hearing loss within the vicinity. For more hazards on the vuvuzela, please click here.

Russia 2018

Russia has decided to use PLASTIC SPOONS or what we called “lokzhas”  for this years world cup! We are really excited that an eating tool has become part of the event regardless of talent. This means that regardless of age, everyone can take part in this festive event. The reason for the lokzhas were that they used this to reflect cultural Russian values! Spasiba!

World Cup Noise 2: The local cheer

Man of us will be rooting for our favourite teams and while the local cheer can be loud, I vaguely remember walking down the row of flats adjacent to the community centre on where I live. Being immersed in the atmosphere of the World Cup cannot be emphasised more during this season. While we gather our goodies and drinks, we soak ourselves in the local cheer, the people and even the opponents. Here is a list of community centres that you can go to if you are looking for a match or two with your buddies!

World Cup Noise 3: Your family noise

world cup noise

This is the best and the most convenient for your homes. Some people will decide to hype up their hi fi set, get a few friends over and indulge int he world cup! Furthermore, you can sink your body into the couch, watch the game and have a good family bonding time together with your stereo system. While we scream to goals, friendly competition and cheers, let us call our family, friends and neighbours to come on board to join in  the fun together.

What are you looking forward to this world cup? What will be your favourite world cup noise? If you at any point of time need some consultation for a better experience, you can get some tips here.

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