Good Musician? Some Perspectives On How To Be One

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What does it take to be a good musician?  A lot of times, as a musician, you tend to feel that you may not be good enough for many things. A common thought which may arise in our heads is the question of the ability of our talent. This is where we start to think too much. But fret not, This blog will identify a few perspectives on what makes a good musician before you start to blow your head off.

 Eclecticism and Diversity

Be it pop or techno, or even heavy metal, know that you are not obliged to stick purely to one particular genre. Choose what you will. As a good musician, you have no genre. You are what you play. Nobody can force you to pick up a particular genre of music. If you like it, you like it. If you don’t, then so be it. Remember the idea is to never force yourself into playing something that you are not interested in. Once abused, it then changes from being a passion to an obligation.

Be Humble

Good Musician

This doesn’t mean that you should always reject compliments, telling everyone “you just try”. Being humble starts from the time you accept both compliments and criticisms openly. Whatever the scenario, it will help you be a good musician to grow to become a better musician. For instance, compliments may make you feel much better about yourself, you might find the comfort and ease in playing your instrument more confidently. Criticisms give you the ability to keep yourself in check and show you ways where you will be able to improve yourself much better.


Never Compete

Good Musician

Unless you’re in a band competition, there is no reason whatsoever why you should compete with anyone at all. Musicians speak a common language, that is music, through the ways they know best with their instruments. All musicians alike are able to relate to that. So instead of trying to compete with someone to make a point that you may be better than them in what they do, make music together. Sometimes what may come out from your soul may be better then you could possibly imagine. Check out one of our older posts on tips to sustain a band

Be Yourself

The most important of all, be who you are. So what if you have sweaty palms, so what if you may stutter just a bit. The important thing is that you always be yourself. Be it on stage, in a studio or your own room. Your personality displays the beautiful work of art that you would produce called music. Just as an artist is able to create a masterpiece by their own reflections, musicians do it through sound. And all it takes is to not be afraid of who you truly are and there you have it; a masterpiece.

 Ending Notes

It’s always important for us to understand how we run with the things we do. In the context of being a good musician, many factors may arise from within ourselves from personal battles to external challengers. Nevertheless, we must always remember that we are given the ability to create works of art. And as long as it remains a passion, we will always find a way to improve on ourselves.

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