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kid's bedroom

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Kid’s bedroom and living conditions in Singapore has become a prime concern.  A noisy city with residential apartments being near traffic noise. Little do they know that this noise raised huge complaints to the authorities. Look no further, this blog post explains the importance of the ideal kid’s bedroom. The evidence is finally uncovered and the products are now available to soundproof your home.


Kid’s bedroom is where an exceptional living condition begins. Every kid deserves the best and there is no doubt that any parent would want the best for their children. However, it is proven that most of our homes only aim to look nice. In fact, we often neglect other senses because we always want to make do with simpler options.

The HDB Buying Process

We are aware that the cost of living in Singapore is absurdly high. The cost of purchasing a Build-To-Order (BTO) flat can be outrageous at some times. Though there are some subsidies, the standard of living along with the unrealistic expectations of a family remains a debate. At least for the middle-income group in Singapore.

Some of the actions include a tedious and nail-biting journey for beautifying one’s home. As a result, families attempt to build a perfect home as we look out for the most comfortable furniture. One thing for sure is this. It is isn’t wrong because we all want the best for our families. The fact is, everyone deserves a space they call home.

Noise in today’s world

The perfect kid’s bedroom is one of those where much thought has come into play. Did you know that the aural sensory is one of the more sensitive? Just imagine the world without sound? Our ears cannot send signals to our brains and we cannot detect danger. Similarly, when it is too noisy our brains keep on searching for noise to feed our system.

Kid’s these days are exposed to what we call social noise. Common issues such as dogs barking, telephone ringing, busy streets and construction works going on. On a side note, if you would like to take a look at some residential noise problems, this article will feed you the information that you require.

What do the experts say?

According to Professor Basner from the Perleman School of Medicine, one of the biggest occupational hazards America deals with the physical and psychological aspects of human life. One of the areas includes sleep disturbances, cognitive impairment for children and hypertension in the long run.

Students who are living near busy streets or any major noise source such as construction, machinery tend to raise their blood pressure levels. There are possible issues with this! According to (Maxwell and Evans, 1997). Because these sounds are not of a consistent flow, children do not develop a steady flow of blood pressure and as a result, there is no habit developed. If not treated earlier, this issue also develops cardiovascular diseases as they grow into their adult years.

The evidence

Recently, there have been massive complaints regarding street noise and their issues. A research was conducted by the National University of Singapore (NUS) audiology department. Professor William Hal Martin and graduate student Diong Hui Ting measured the average sound in Singapore. It exceeds the National Environmental Agency (NEA) recommended guidelines by 2.4 Decibels. What this means is that in Singapore, the average noise level is about 69.4 dB. This is equivalent to a noisy office which means that at any one point of time, the average home is exposed to busy office noise.

Now imagine living near an MRT station or when horns are blaring or even worse living next to the expressway! Unless you do about it, the constant annoyance will affect you. If you are staying in Clementi, Bukit Timah and Serangoon, congratulations because the neighbourhood is the noisiest. Read here for the full article. There have also been complaints from their neighbours. Often, since we are so close to one another, common noise problems like mahjong, dragging of furniture and other related noise problems go unnoticed.

There have also been complaints from their neighbours. Often, since we are so close to one another, common noise problems like mahjong, dragging of furniture and other related noise problems go unnoticed. These can literally annoy the hell out of people. More so often parents who find it difficult to speak to their children. Staying in certain busy locations can make everyone lose their voice and destroy the communication barrier leading to some misunderstanding. Check the article out!

Side note:

Picture this scenario, you are having a friendly conversation in the house and then a bus with loud engines blaring pass by, you raise your voice and your partner/ child think that you are raising your voice gets angry for your tone and then a miscommunication happens.

kid's bedroom

While reading this, some questions might pop up like ” How is this related to my kid’s bedroom?” In terms of education, Singaporeans spent 1 billion in tuition in 2016 and it is no surprise that education is a vital component in Singapore’s landscape today. We have all adopted a “Kiasu” and “Kiasee” mentality and as Singaporeans, we wear that tag humbly. We pay attention to the things that matter the most and we want the best for our kid’s.

The kid’s bedroom is one of the first places to start. While picking out the nicest furniture for the bedroom, a place to study and concentrate is an important factor in today’s context. Some soft material features could come in handy along with proper precautions. Did you know that once a kid gets distracted, it take an average of 23 minutes for them to get back on track?

Soundproofing your kid’s bedroom

kid's bedroom

1) Carpets, Pictures and Paintings

These can assist with improving clarity in the room. So for instance, if your kid preparing for a presentation or having private tuition and would like to hear his/her voice properly. This could be a useful feature.

2) Bookshelves

Now, there is more reason to be a bookworm! A fully stacked bookshelf can help increase the clarity in the room as well as to block out echoes. Of course, there are other alternatives for you.

3) Soundproofing windows and doors

This seems to be a popular hit nowadays but improper construction and de facto homes constructed by the developers can leave these functions omitted. Depending on the situation, eliminating external noise can help out significantly in providing the absolute best for your children.

With this in store, the results of kids can significantly increase by 10%. If we look at this as a small number, then we are greatly mistaken. 10% could mean a difference in a pass or a fail or perhaps a distinction from a merit. Do you need help to provide your kids with a better bedroom? We are here to help you guys!

If you are looking for soundproofing products, look no further and ask us about our soundproofing doors and windows. This helps to combat the noise problem and situation in Singapore. Click here and drop a query


If you are wondering why your kids don’t do well in school, they too face the same situations. While school is usually the best time in a person life. Distractions such as Physical Education lessons, distraction in the corridor, shouting from one classroom to another and a teacher screaming on top of their lungs also face the same mandate as those in homes. Remember changing schools can be hard because they often take a longer time but changing a home can be faster.

“It takes a family to raise a kid but a village to nurture a child” If we do this simultaneously, won’t everything sound a little nicer?

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