TOPAKUSTIK in Indoor Pools

Acoustics in Indoor Pools Architecture is not just a visual experience but a multi-sensorial experience. Sound is an essential part of the multi-sensorial experience of a space, but it is often neglected. An example of a space with often neglected acoustics is the indoor pool. Indoor pools typically have poor acoustics: the space has a…


Lee Song Lin

Pursuing M.Arch at Singapore University of Technology and Design.



Acoustic Tips: How To Treat Echoes?

If you are a musician or an audiophiles echoes can be a very crucial issue. In this video we will give you some acoustic tips on how to treat echoes based on the environment you are in. It’s the latest buzz in town! There is a new jamming studio with a beautiful classy look with…

Adrian Lo

Adrian Lo

Acoustic Engineer & Founder of Soundzipper

My passions are learning, music and videogames. I believe life should be lived with purpose and together as One. I am always tinkering with something in technology and making things better.