Drums For Beginners (Tips and Tricks)

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a drummer or finding it frustrated to continue playing the drums or want to play an instrument where you can actually hit stuff and get a temporary stress relief? Playing the drums is one way of de-stressing. If you are not careful doing that on a drum set could potentially…

Daryl Stewart

Daryl Stewart

Digital Marketing Strategist

Music lover, movie lover and loves the mystery of life! Believes in true happiness and living one day at a time! Loves to drink tea and of course juice!



What To Look For In A Good Jamming Studio?

You’re in a band. You feel like you need to unleash the inner musician in you that has been dormant all this while. But you’re in Singapore. Your house is too small for a jam and your neighbours are probably going to complain about the noise. So where do you go then? Easy, a jamming…

Paul Forrester

Paul Forrester

Acoustics Design Specialist

I love anything to do with music, from how its made to what you can make from it. I am the modern day peace and nature lover who comes with a whole lot of conviction and aspirations for this world.