Acoustic Tips: How To Treat Echoes?

acoustic tips How To Treat Echoes

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If you are a musician or an audiophiles echoes can be a very crucial issue. In this video we will give you some acoustic tips on how to treat echoes
based on the environment you are in.

It’s the latest buzz in town! There is a new jamming studio with a beautiful classy look with a new smell that reeks of awesomeness? As you tune your
guitars and test out the drum kit, your happy face immediately turns 180 degrees because you realize that you are going to waste your next few hours in a
room full of echoes. That also means that there is going to be a big hole in your wallet because there is all style and no substance. What can you as the
owner of that studio do? How to treat echoes?


What Are Echoes?

What are these echoes? In a nutshell, it is a reflection of a sound arriving at the listener some time after the initial sound! Can you imagine having a
full conversation with that type of annoyance? There are variations of walls each with its advantages and disadvantages! Much like there is no one size
fits all, there are certainly different walls or surfaces to take note of when you are going to treat echoes.

How To Treat Echoes?

You will learn how should you treat echoes accordingly in that particular space because of the different properties of the different acoustic treatment
products that are suitable or recommended for the various places so that the sound will be optimized along with other possible solutions to give you new
ideas on how to treat echoes.

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